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Take the worry of the Tax season and we will help you minimize your taxes and maximize the returns through careful planning. A Quick Reminder on the Important Date for filing your personal taxes.

Personal returns are due on or before April 30th of every year. Balance owing is due on or before April 30th of every year. Late filing penalty of 5% + 1% per month will apply to all outstanding balances owing. Repeated failure to file, a penalty of 10% + 2% per month will apply. Interest on all outstanding balances owing will be computed at the prescribed rate from the day on which the amount was required to be paid to the day payment was received by CRA.

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Compared to its direct competition, RNS offers the broadest range of services including financial planning, wealth management and income tax preparation to name a few. Generally, the key competitors simply offer income tax preparation and basic bookkeeping or financial planning services (without income tax preparation). RNS offers a complete suite of financial services. RNS distinguishes it shelf from its competitors by offering wraparound financial services. The company begins with the preparation of the client’s income taxes, which allows the company to analyze the client’s finances and ask questions relevant to their financial plan. As the financial plan is developed, RNS is able to offer investment, insurance, debt, accounting and bookkeeping advice, coaching and educating. The wraparound nature of the RNS approach to the delivery of financial services ensures that clients can have convenience, peace of mind and continuity that the one-stop shopping experience brings. At RNS, one team and/or a licensed financial coach is familiar with the client’s personal and familial financial needs. As licensed financial coaches, RNS staff provide clients with options and possible solutions, but it is the client who makes the final choices and decisions with respect to their finances.

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If you can say "Yes" to any of the following questions, then you should certainly meet us:

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  • Is your company newly incorporated?

  • Are you tired of the annual hassle with your current accounting provider?

  • Do you feel the services you now receive can be improved?

  • Do you feel you are paying too much for your present services?

  • Are you looking for ways to reduce the taxes you now pay?

  • Are you looking for ways to improve or expand your business?

We offer corporate tax return preparation as well as preparation of financial statements, GIFI (general index of financial information) statements, GST returns and other corporate services in a timely and affordable manner.

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