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These days, you might find yourself constantly on the go, or never stopping. This makes it difficult to find the time to get your taxes prepared. We understand this, and have built our core services in a way that makes your life easier. We travel to you within Toronto and the surrounding areas.


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We guarantee you will receive the maximum refund you are entitled or we will refund you the applicable


We guarantee you will receive the maximum refund you are entitled or we will refund you the applicable We guarantee 100% accurate calculations


We pride ourselves in helping individuals file their annual personal income tax returns as efficiently as possible. We understand that income tax filing can be a dreaded task that is often procrastinated on which is why we try to make the process as easy as possible for our valued clients.

Our team of professionals aim to educate and familiarize each client with the tax regulations pertaining to them, in order to maximize their filing benefits.

Personal Income Tax Filing Due Dates

Generally, all personal taxes are due by April 30th of each year. If you file your return after April 30th, your GST/HST credit (including any related provincial credit), Canada Child Tax Benefit payments (including those from certain related provincial or territorial programs), and Old Age Security benefit payments may be delayed. In addition, penalties will apply to individuals who owe taxes and fail to file their return by the April 30th deadline.

Self-Employed Individuals Tax Filing Due Dates

If you or your spouse or common-law partner carried on a business in a calendar year (other than a business whose expenditures are primarily connected with a tax shelter), your return for that year should be filed on or before June 15th of the following year. However, if you have a balance owing for that year, you will still have to pay it on or before April 30th.

Canadian Tax Credits

Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) has an established framework in which individuals can minimize the taxes they owe through programs such as:

We will share all applicable labour laws pertaining to:

RRSP Contributions
Tax Free Savings Accounts (TFSA)
New Home Buyer Credits
Public Transit Credits
Child-Care Credits
Tuition Credits (T2202)
Children Activity Credits
Qualifying Moving Expenses
Conditions of Employments Write-Offs (T2200)
Support Payments
Medical Expense Credits (surpassing 3% of Income)
Many other qualifying credits
Many other Provincial Schedules

  • Personal Tax Returns
  • Personal Income Tax Planning
  • Audit and Appeals Assistance

Great service. If you are looking for someone who will take care of your taxes, you have to make sure he/she is the right person, whom you feel 100% comfortable to work with. Their service is very different to what I got from my past accountants. I was quite surprised how much range they could cover for me, and how much they cared about me. They will protect you from any possible mistakes you may make now and in the future. I'm sure you will leave the office with confidence for your future, and smile

Elina Miyake


Sutha Ratnam from RNS Accounting & Financial Services was very professional and he did an excellent job with filing my taxes. He went over everything in detail and really took the time to explain everything to me. I highly recommend and he will now be my go to guy for any kind of financial services in the future.

Evan Guinchard


I appreciate his attention to detail and answering all of my questions until I understand. Love how transparent his service is. All actions thoroughly explained. Very considerate, responsive, professional and timely. Highly recommended.

Nanako Mizutani

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Upto 4 slips

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  • represent the client


Upto 12 slips

  • efile
  • pdf T1 general
  • NOA
  • represent the client


Upto 4 slips

  • rental statements (Airbnb including)
  • efile
  • pdf T1 general
  • NOA
  • represent the client


Upto 4 slips

  • professional income statement Uber / Lyft income statement
  • HST filing $90 per return.




Carbon Tax Credit

Have you claimed your Climate Action Incentive payment yet?

Pollution has a cost. It impacts the air we breathe, our children's health, and our economy. That's why the Government of Canada has put a price on carbon pollution.

The Government of Canada has introduced the new climate action incentive payment. In Ontario, a family of four could receive $307 in 2019. You can claim it when you file your Income Tax and Benefit Return.

Find out more at

If you already filed your Income Tax and Benefit Return and did not claim your climate action incentive payment, visit for information on how to change your return.

Deduct Medical Expenses

Personal Tax Audit

The credit applies to a whole host of eligible expenses from home care services, to laser eye surgery, to orthopedics. The amount you can claim is the total of your expenses, minus $2,171.00 or 3% of the claimant’s income (whichever is less). There is no limit on the amount of eligible expenses.

Deduct Child Care Expenses

Personal Tax Audit

These amounts paid to have someone look after an eligible child in order to; earn income from employment; operate a business either alone or as an active partner; attend school; or conduct research. Parents can claim up to $8000.00 per child under age seven, $5000.00 for each child aged 7 through 16(and for infirm children over age 16), and $11000.00 for children who are eligible for the Disability Tax Credit.

Caregiver Amount & Family Caregiver Tax Credit

If at any time in the tax year you (either alone or with another person) maintained a residence where you and the person you supported lived (a spouse or common-law partner is not considered your dependent for this purpose), you may be able to claim a maximum amount of $4530.00 under the caregiver amount for each eligible dependent.

Individuals supporting infirm dependents can claim an enhanced amount under other dependency-related credits, such as the Child Tax Credit or the Caregiver Amount. The family Tax credit is a 155 credit on an amount of $2,058, meaning you could qualify for up to $308.70 per dependent.

Child Disability Benefit & Registered Disability savings Plan

Those families who care for a child under age 18 with severe and prolonged impairment in physical or mental functions, can get annual Child Disability Benefit up to $2650.00. (Each eligible child will get $220.83 per month.)

Adoption Expenses Tax Credit

The tax credit is a 15% non-refundable tax credit that allows adoptive parents to claim eligible adoption expenses relating to the completed adoption of a child under the age of 18. The adoptive parents can claim a maximum amount of eligible expenses up to $15000.00 per child.

The Pension Income Amount

A non-refundable pension income’s tax credit, that can apply to the first $2000.00 of eligible pension income.

The Age Amount

The Age Amount allows seniors with a net income of $34,873 or less in the tax year, aged 65 and over, to claim $6916. No age amount can be claimed once an individual’s net income reaches $80,980.

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